The tech shift and the modern day healthcare

Do not be surprised if your doctor uses his iPad to check your medical history or starts speaking into it during...

The tech shift and the modern day healthcare

Do not be surprised if your doctor uses his iPad to check your medical history or starts speaking into it during diagnosis. The medical field is experiencing a great change with the involvement of information technology. It is quite understandable that it requires a great deal of exertion and resources to manage today’s medical information. The combination of healthcare services and information technology is being viewed as a great game changer that will work toward a healthier world in the near future. It is a well known fact that electronic medical records save much time and energy while providing accurate information for better treatments. However, the systems currently in place have to take a back seat with the arrival of healthcare mobile applications. Every technology has some pros and cons and healthcare mobility is no exception to this. Experts in the field are trying their level best to reduce the ill effects of making the healthcare data easily available on mobile devices. This article focuses on the various benefits of utilizing mobile apps in the healthcare industry.

Tech Shift and modern day Healthcare

Easy access of medical records to patients and clinicians

Gone are the days when patients and clinicians had to dig out the fading paper files to know about the past medical conditions and treatments. Today, both patients and clinicians can within seconds, check the entire medical history on the move. The multimodal healthcare mobile applications have made it possible to view the complete data including images, videos, and text files for a better understanding of the patient’s medical history. The ability to access medical information on the move enables the physicians to quickly diagnose the health condition and prescribe right medicines for the ailments. Patients, on the other hand, need not be ignorant of what their health condition is. It is possible to view the details of diagnosis, treatment provided, and even the progress in their health condition.

Patient education through multimedia

One of the greatest challenges faced by the hospitals is educating patients about their health conditions. Often it is impossible even for the best physicians to obtain the complete cooperation of the patients as educating them on the medical conditions or treatments is very difficult. Healthcare mobile applications can house images and videos that can impart knowledge, even to the naive patients. This not only enables the physicians to easily diagnose the ailment, but also empowers them to provide the required treatments with the complete cooperation of the patient. Mobile apps also come handy when it comes to post treatment care of the patients. Whether it be the right level of medication at the right intervals or it be remote medical help from the doctors, patients can quickly get in touch with their physicians and avail all the medical care right from where they are.

Expert consultation for more accurate diagnosis

It is not unusual for physicians to get stuck during diagnosis of complicated ailments. Many of the ailments have common symptoms, while the root cause might be entirely different. It is also customary for the physicians to consult with one another or get suggestions and help from experts to double check if the diagnosis is on the right path. Healthcare mobile apps designed for hospital use often have a collaboration facility, such as chat so that the physicians can get in touch with the specialists instantly when required. Only if the ailment is accurately diagnosed, the right kind of treatment can be provided to the patient. The mobile app can also provide access to reference material and case studies from which the physician can confirm the ailments and treat the patients accordingly.

Reimbursement of healthcare expenses

Since keeping track of all the expenses is possible via mobile applications, billing is not a cumbersome process any more. Reimbursement of the medical expenses via insurance or Medi-claim policies is much easier than ever. Patients need not run from pillar to post to gather their medical records and bills for reimbursement. The hospital itself can assist the patients with all the required information to avail reimbursement from the insurers. Using paper forms and receipts to apply for reimbursements is literally a hectic job. With all of the details available with a tap and a swipe, patients can easily get financial assistance from the insurers. The good news for the insurance companies is that the electronic health information provides them with accurate data and greatly reduces malpractices saving them from much trouble, while helping the genuine ones.

Healthcare mobile app may become mandatory

A reliable report says that the federal government is planning to have electronic records for every citizen by the end of 2014. This being the primary step in providing better healthcare services to the citizens, soon the hospitals may have to switch over from the traditional methods to the more accurate and efficient electronic system of keeping records. Mobile apps are the easiest way to gather data as well as access them on the move. While some of the hospitals in the country have already started using the healthcare mobile apps to their advantage, many are looking for mobile app developers in Tampa that are experienced in developing efficient mobile applications to be integrated with their systems.

Security issues

As mentioned earlier, mobile apps allow both physicians and patients to access crucial medical information. Usually, the healthcare mobile app comprises encryption and decryption tools for the safety of the data. HIPPA compliant mobile apps are considered safe for use in the healthcare arena. Although the mobile apps developed for healthcare solutions are provided with layers of security, experts fear that confidential information of patients could leak out.

Expert healthcare app developers

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