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Mobile use, via smart cell phones and tablets, is growing exponentially, especially in Orlando. For your business to continue to thrive and grow in this continually evolving, technology–using market, you must stay at the forefront of mobile application development. Your products and services must be accessible anytime from any mobile device, on any operating system, including Android and iOS.

If the extent of your mobile presence is a website that resizes to fit on a smart phone or tablet, that’s simply no longer good enough. Don’t rely on outdated mobile delivery platforms to reach Orlando consumers. Work with Orange949’s team of forward-thinking mobile app developers, engineers, designers and strategists to arrive at a mobile solution that increases sales and/or solves an enterprise business efficiency need. Our consumer-facing and enterprise solutions are achieving some of the highest user engagement statistics in the industry.

Your Orlando-based business will benefit from our large portfolio of groundbreaking mobile applications that are helping to:

  • Improve operational efficiencies utilizing leading enterprise technologies
  • Secure your business data assets with high-level safety, security and privacy programming built directly into the app – especially for government agencies
  • Utilize evolving location-based technology to improve sales pipelines for field sales personnel
  • Integrate social media within mobile apps for better brand visibility
  • Improve customer loyalty through mobile rewards programs
  • Boost donor contributions for non-profits and community organizations
  • Improve customer service and fulfillment workflow
Mobile app Developers Orlando

We Build Innovative, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

To compete in today’s mobile market, you must work with Orlando mobile app developers who are able to pluck an idea from your brain and develop it into a strategic solution that fulfills a consumer or enterprise need, cohesively and completely. Finding coders and programmers is easy…and frankly, the wrong decision. Working with a comprehensive strategic-thinking, full-service mobile app design and development company, such as Orange949, will result in improved efficiencies and increased sales.

Our approach to any new mobile app development project is systematic and proven. Looking beyond app functionality, we ensure your mobile application utilizes the best of the best UI/UX designs for highest user engagement. Our project managers ensure:

  • A Blueprint for Success is in Place – This blueprint encompasses a storyboard and wireframes so that everyone sees, before one line of code is even written, how the mobile app will look, feel and function at the project conclusion.
  • Integration of the Most Modern UI/UX Designs – Leveraging the most current research available, our UI/UX designers create mobile app experiences that are most likely to increase user interface time.
  • Cross-Platform Functionality is Built In – With an experienced Orlando team of iOS and Android developers and engineers, we ensure your mobile app solution works on both platforms in a way that is most accepted by those users.
  • Clean Coding – Our coders and programmers write the cleanest code and then check it again and again using GitHub and SVN to conduct ongoing code checks.
  • Data and Device Security is Built In – Not all Orlando developers have our level of experience when it comes to data safety, privacy and security. The larger the distribution plan for your mobile app, the higher the security risk and the more diligent your Orlando mobile app development team must be to secure your business reputation and customer and employee data.
  • Comprehensive User Testing – Orange949’s user testing phase ensures that your mobile app works on both Android and iOS operating systems and is designed for highest UI/UX across multiple devices like, iPad, iPhone, Android and others.
Mobile App Development Orlando

iOS 8 and Android “L” Are Almost Here

This fall 2014 brings with it the launch of both, Apple’s iOS8 and Android’s “L” operating systems. Is your mobile app ready?

iOS 8 and Android  app developers Orlando

Our Orlando-based UI/UX designers have already begun researching and laying plans to implement the many new features, from both operating systems, into our clients mobile apps. For iOS8 this includes reviewing the more than 4,000 new APIs and determining how to best leverage improved sharing options. For Android’s new “L” operating system our designers are learning the in’s and out’s of the new Material Design features as well as the improved notifications and multi-tasking functionalities.

Your Orlando Business Needs Orange949

Increase your retail sales, improve workflow efficiencies, and build better security and privacy settings into your mobile app. How? Contact Orange949 and ask about our 50+ cross-platform mobile app solutions already in use by our Orlando clients today.

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