Mobile App Development in Florida

We are in the middle of an unprecedented boom of mobile applications Development. We have seen in the past two years, app companies such as Instagram, Draw Something etc. are valued at close to 1 billion dollars. Valuations of these companies might go further up not because of the hype cycle but because of the potential of apps. Mobile apps offer a convenient way for customers and businesses to stay connected. If you want to develop a app to stay connected with your customers and acquire new customers, you have come to the right place. We develop iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android apps.

Mobile App Development process Steps

It is a multi-step process to develop an application. Orange949 makes multi-step app development process seamless and a thoroughly enjoyable ride for its clients. We actively engage with our clients’ right from the word “go”. All the apps start with an idea or a concept. At the end of each step, we present a deliverable to our clients. In certain steps, we will have multiple deliverable to our clients.

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