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Android users are power users, especially in Florida! They have high expectations from their Android-based phones, which are only going to increase with the launch of the newest operating system this fall, the Android “L”.

Is your mobile app the most robust it can be? Is it fulfilling…even surpassing… user experience expectations?

Miami’s Orange949 Android app developers have designed 50+ mobile application solutions for Androids with some of the highest user adoption rates and most satisfied user experiences in the industry. With more than 78% of the global smartphone market currently on the Android operating system, you can’t afford to fall behind – or worse – work with mobile app developers who don’t have the thousands of hours of specific Android app development experience currently in Orange949’s portfolio.

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Enterprise and Customer-Facing Solutions with Android Apps Development

Fortune 500 companies and small Miami businesses alike are using Google’s Android OS to solve some of their most pressing enterprise and consumer needs, which include:

  • Improved workflow automation between large governmental departments
  • Streamlined fundraising goals for non-profits
  • Increased productivity between field services employees (i.e. sales) and warehouse or office personnel (i.e. operations, corporate).
  • Improved data security with fully customized security solutions including mobile data backup plans, lock-down features in the event of loss or stolen mobile devices, and password strengthening techniques
  • Retail sales growth utilizing highly functioning, contextually-based e-commerce apps
  • More productive patient-doctor interactions in the health care industry with the help of treatment plans and reminders, health monitoring apps, new patient enrollment, etc.
  • Evolutionary location-based search ability to improve buyer shopping, dining, and travel experiences
  • Forward-thinking UI/UX designs for the most interactive, brand-rich Android interactions
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We’re Ready for the New Android “L” Development – Are you?

Google tells us that the Android “L” operating system will be available to the consumer market this fall. It has however, already been released to top-notch developers, like Orange949. Our strategists, engineers, designers, and programmers are already well-versed in the “Kit Kat” OS and are now busy digging into “L,” developing best practice standards, and ensuring we know every aspect of this game-changing new system BEFORE it hits the market.

Here’s what we’re preparing for:

Android App Development Miami
  • 5,000+ new APIs – We’re testing every last one.
  • Material Design – Our UX/UI designers are all over this major system design overhaul in order to best leverage the new geometric shapes, bright colors, paper layering 3D effects, and animated touch interface.
  • Multi-Tasking – Our developers are quickly identifying ways to use this functional change to create opportunities for greater efficiencies, especially when applied to B2B enterprise solutions.
  • Notifications – We’re seeing branding opportunities with the notifications update as well as improvements in user engagement and productivity.
  • Universe Data Control – A handy tool for enterprise developers to control “work” and “personal” modes of the OS.
  • Android Wear / Google Glass / Android Auto – We’re monitoring the acceptance rates of these Google devices and researching the new integrationfeatures with “L”.
  • Battery Historian / Job Scheduler – We’re analyzing best practices to reduce app power usage during high-user times.
  • And so much more…

Customized Plans for Your Miami Android App Development Project

Currently, there are around 150 different Android phones and tablets available on the Miami market. Android application developers face huge challenges in designing and optimizing apps to work seamlessly across all Android devices. Orange949 project managers recognize this challenge and meet it head on by starting each new client project with a customized plan for success that includes:

  • Creating wire frames and adopting smart coding technologies
  • Employing cross-device testing for all Android phones, tablets and even Android wear (when applicable)
  • Ensuring comprehensive security testing that includes additional security layers not commonly found with other developers, such as data security and remote data wiping features
  • Staying true to your company’s brand identity with sophisticated and high user engagement UI/UX designs
  • Developing marketing plans and submitting your B2C app to Google Play (formerly Android Market)
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Looking for Google Android App Developers in Miami?

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If you are a business or entrepreneur in the greater Miami area and are looking to develop the “next big thing” within the Android app market, look no further – you’ve found your Android App development team that will get you there! Contact us today.

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