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Right from the introduction of iOS, Orange949’s iPhone app developers are actively developing apps for iPhone. In general, iOS has gone from strength to strength and our developers have evolved with the platform too. Now the industry is shifting from building apps to building user engagements inside the apps and monetization. Orange949’s iPhone developers understand that building an app is not where their job ends, we work with our clients to strategies user engagement and monetization.

Orange949’s 8 step development process is transparent and we keep our clients informed along the way. We clearly explain our clients what is in the scope of the it, how much it is going to cost and how long it is going to take when signing the contract.

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Business & Consumer apps

Either you want to develop a business a consumer app, Orange949’s developers have got the experience to deliver what you want. User adoption is the key to success of us. We bring our years of experience in development to the table when we work with our clients. Examples of business apps that we have built over the years are: CRM app for managing leads, EHR for managing patient records and a repository for managing sales documents / presentation for your employees to access on the go. We have used maps, accelerometer, Facebook social graph API, Twitter API, camera in the consumer apps we have built for our clients.

App Discovery

With more than 600,000 apps on the app store and still counting, making your customers find yours’ is a challenge. We work with our clients and educate them about the app discovery. For instance, writing content for the description of the page with correct keywords is one of the many factors that impact discovery. At the same time, we do not advice our clients to misuse the keywords and game the system.

We build enterprise-based iOS apps development that:

  • Securely protect your business and end-user data.
  • Provide on-to-go access for remote employees in the field.
  • Safely and efficiently integrate with your third party software systems.
  • Work seamlessly with sales management tools, such as Salesforce.

Comprehensive iOS 12 app development services

About 1.8 million iOS apps are screaming for attention. How do you cut out the white noise and make your app stand out? Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our team of expert iOS developers create and maintain visually beautiful and highly interactive iOS apps. We build applications that can work seamlessly across all Apple devices. All coding is handled in-house, so security risks are minimal, and customization becomes a breeze. We follow a proven agile model to quicken TAT, maximize velocity, and deliver unparalleled quality.

Get in touch with the right person- super quick

Orange949 assigns a single point of contact for every client. No more frustrating phone trees or long email threads. Get in touch with the app development expert exclusively assigned for you. We ensure that you are in the driver’s seat and are open to suggestions, so you stay in complete control throughout the design and development journey.

This is why 100+ happy clients across Florida work with us!

We are one of the leading iOS app developers in Florida and this is what makes us tick:

  • Highly intuitive and easily navigable user interface
  • Powerful combination of visual appeal and unmatched tech expertise
  • App store support from managing submissions to listing
  • Ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance support
  • iOS app development services for all Apple devices from iPhones to Apple watches
Apple iOS 12 Operating System

Are you a Florida based business who wants to go mobile? Do you want to give your existing app a facelift? Contact Orange949 today.

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