Hot Mobile App Trends Of The Week

Another week has come and gone. Let’s see what hot app news has been making headlines. T-Mobile and MetroPCS...

Hot Mobile App Trends Of The Week

Another week has come and gone. Let’s see what hot app news has been making headlines.

Hot Mobile App Trends Of The Week

T-Mobile and MetroPCS offers for Memorial Day Promotions

Memorial Day is fast approaching and T-Mobile and many exciting offers are cropping up to lure customers. The most desirable offer is on the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. With the promotional offer, there is a discount of $80 in each model. In case high end isn’t in your budget, T-Mobile has offers going on other LG models. It seems to be a memorable memorial day for a few lucky ones who are looking to grab a new phone.

Samsung S6 Sales – Sales Less Than Expected

The Samsung S6 unofficial sales report is out. The phone has sold just 10 million units, quite less than the projected sales. The S6 is one of Samsung’s most hyped phones with wireless charging, sleek design and other high-end specs. The odds are not in favor of Samsung to succeed, but we will just have to wait for the official sales report.

Galaxy Note 6 Early Release – Not True

Following the Galaxy S6 release, a rumor was out stating that Samsung Note 5 would be out by July 2015. J.K Shin, Samsung President, shot down the rumor at a press conference. He never commented on the plans for the Samsung Note 5. Note has always been a signature release during the second half of the year, we just have to wait for few more months to know the status of our favorite phablet.

Dior VR Glasses Give Backstage Passes To Top Fashion Shows

This is pretty neat: These virtual reality glasses let the fashion show attendees check what’s happening behind the scene. Find how the makeup artists create the visual effect and the hair stylists give the unique hairdo to compliment the attire. These VR glasses are available in select Dior outlets around the world. Dior is yet to release the name of the store that will have this privileged access. The glasses are rumored to be powered by Galaxy Note 4 with a 515ppi visual experience with 100-degree field view.

One Plus Is Back With One Plus Two

Some leaked pictures make us believe that One Plus Two will host a Snapdragon 810 chip. There are also talks about a wearable device that will be out soon in the market along with the One Plus One Lite Smartphone. The launch date for devices are not yet confirmed but the invite system for ordering the One Plus One is completely dropped and the new phone is rumored to be released during the second half of 2015.

Get Ready for Apple’s HomeKit

HomeKit, the Apple’s initiative, might revolve around an app called Home. This particular app can engage with the integrated devices to perform basic functionalities. In theory, the HomeKit can create wonders but in reality there were a lot of development delays. Reports state that the ‘Home’ app will be integrated with the iOS 9 which will be released at the World Wide Conference. Currently, the functionalities are pretty basic and more devices are signed up to be manufactured to sync with the HomeKit.

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