Get these 6 website metrics in place to make your website a success

Yes, you have got a great website done with all the perfect research, the best team and a impressive theme that suits...

Get these 6 website metrics in place to make your website a success

Yes, you have got a great website done with all the perfect research, the best team and a impressive theme that suits your business to the‘t’. Is that all? What next?
Well, there is more work cut out for you. Designing an awesome is only one piece of the puzzle. Measuring the effectiveness gives the true picture.
Here are a few metrics that got to be measured to check how you fare in your online presence. Analytics based decision making is always safe and more sensible.


Get the total number of visitors, unique visitors and of course, their source

This is after all why you have your website – visitors! Count, track and monitor the number of visitors that visit your website. This constant traffic tracking are not just numbers, they are the fundamental things that kick start your whole website analysis with.
Now that you have the visitor numbers, start digging in to the number of unique visitors, their sources and so on. The visitor’s data is essential to gauge the size of your audience.
By sources we mean the point/link/website that led them to your website. This data is priceless to zero-in on the most profitable source and lets you focus your efforts around it. Invaluable efforts are made more targeted and sharpened instead of being scattered around things that aren’t working.

Check the bounce rates

This data is essential to identify the factors that engage your visitors and those that drive away. You could detect the gaps and rectify them based on real evidence rather than assuming.
Visitors are the purpose you have the website for, understanding what interests them and what not (this is awfully important!) is imperative. Understanding the visitor and customizing the contents is the key to get them converted into leads. The more you analyze the more closer you get to them.

Monitor the time spent on each of the pages

Tracking this duration gives a clear idea of what your audiences are seeking for. Jot down the top pages that have the maximum duration spent and analyze what contents these pages have.
Enhance the pages with more refreshing contents, info or interesting updated contents and designs and again track them. This step gets you closer to the visitors and increases the chances of drawing them towards a lead.
This metrics helps especially if you have a blog or magazine running helping you plan and structure your contents accordingly.

Check with the organic search data

This data is essentially the one that points out how exactly and what words led them to your website. Work on those words better by placing them at better places or let it to your SEO and the content churning teams.
You don’t have to incorporate every other word that led to your website but you definitely sharpen them while always having them aligned with your brand image.
Also, with this data you could also do an analysis with the ‘combination of words’ used so you could sense if the visitor is already familiar with your brand/organization or no.

Clicking the call-to-action buttons

Good that your visitors have arrived at pages with call-to-action buttons, but are they really clicking on them? If yes, great! But, if not, why?
So, what is stopping them or driving them away? The data captured gives the answer. Check for the design, placement and how easy or how tough it is for the visitors to use the buttons. Design/ place them at right places, keep them looking pleasant and intriguing enough and increase the click through rates.

Leads and their conversion rates

A website is a marketing weapon for leads. Lead conversions answer the ROI question and the very existence of the site. Quality of the leads are the most tricky part, yet, having a steady in-flow of leads is nice and even nicer is to have them get increased.
Have a database of how many enquiries are results of your website. Track down the top the most profitable part of your website this way and focus on them. Get more clarity and find smarter ways of converting leads into clients.
The data’s captured can be broken down into conversions via various call to action sources you have on your website.
What more, with these metrics in place, your website is sure headed to be an effective tool.

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