Factors that decide the cost of a mobile app

It is an undeniable fact that mobile apps are the future of any business. Without a mobile app, businesses are bound to...

Factors that decide the cost of a mobile app

It is an undeniable fact that mobile apps are the future of any business. Without a mobile app, businesses are bound to lose sheen. However, one aspect that still remains a hurdle for businesses is the cost of developing a mobile app. In reality cost should not be a baffle, when it comes to developing a mobile app. Knowing about the factors that escalate the cost of mobile apps will enable you to cut down the expenses and yet get a high quality mobile app that could boost your business.

factors that decide the cost of mobile apps

The mobile platform

The first and the foremost factor that escalates the cost of a mobile app is the mobile platform. For instance, developing iOS mobile app is certainly costlier than developing an Android app. The simple reason is that there are more Java programmers than Objective-C programmers. On the other hand, the HTML5 app is much cheaper than the Android app, as any web programmer will be able to develop the app.

The app developer

App development companies do have their part in escalating the price of the app. For instance, standard mobile app companies often use the best mobile development tools in the market. They also aim at creating high quality mobile app with all necessary features and functionalities. Every one of the process involved in the app development will be costly and the overall expenses shoot up many times higher than the price quoted by freelances. One brilliant idea to have the cake and eat it too is reducing the features and functionalities to the essential ones.

Features and functionalities

Businesses often make the mistake of overloading their app with too many features and functionalities. It is true that the features and functionalities of a mobile app should make most of the tasks easy for the customers, but too many of them would obviously confuse the users or even hinder the performance of the app. The cost of the mobile app increases with every newly included additional feature. Although it is a good idea to cut down on features, essential features and functionalities should not be compromised.

Security measures

Smart mobile devices are more than just phones, they are indeed virtual assistants for people. Today, users store a lot of confidential information in their mobile devices. Since the attention of the hackers and cyber criminals have turned toward mobile apps, people thoroughly check the security measures of an app before downloading it. With more and more people looking to download secure mobile apps, businesses have to provide them with well secured apps. Techniques, such as user login, and encryption-decryption further escalate the cost of the mobile app. However, businesses that just wish to pass on the information to customers need not spend much on security to reduce the total cost of ownership.

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