Developing hospital mobile apps that provide real value to users

If you think mobile applications are popular only among the businesses, you should check the number of hospitals...

Developing hospital mobile apps that provide real value to users

If you think mobile applications are popular only among the businesses, you should check the number of hospitals unveiling their mobile apps everyday. Mobile apps for hospitals can add value to the institution and aid in providing better services. Often it is difficult for professionals in one filed to understand or appreciate those in a different field. However, mobile applications have broken all odds and become everybody’s favorite. Today mobile app is not limited to the telecommunication arena, but it has obtained a broader image. Any industry, today, can make use of mobile applications to their advantage. The mobile phone revolution has made every one tech savvy and doctors and nurses are no exception to this.Developing hospital mobile apps that provide real value to users

Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff have started admiring mobile apps designed for use in hospitals. When people are able to perform banking, shopping, and other activities on the move, why not use the technology to access patient information or record observations via mobile devices? In fact, mobile apps for hospitals relieve the hospital staff from much paper work. Apart from enabling quick services to the patients, mobile apps can also make it better. The following are some of the points that can make a mobile app for hospitals more valuable.

Since the use of hospital mobile applications is limited to the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and the patients in the particular hospital, it is a good idea to go for native applications. It is wise to choose between android and iOS mobile operating systems as both of the operating systems have become highly popular. Making the app compatible for different screen sizes can make it more useful. For instance, accessing the iOS hospital app via iPhone and iPad or the android hospital app via android phones and tablets would make it convenient for users. Finding a developer that can build android mobile application or iOS application is easier than finding one for other mobile operating systems.

As far as the features and functionalities of the hospital mobile app are concerned, it is easy to infer the needs. For instance, the doctor would like to view the patient’s medical history before diagnosis, or would like the check the medicines prescribed earlier for the ailment. He would also like to record his observations and prescriptions without having to use a paper and pen, or consult with an expert during diagnosis. Nurses, on the other hand, would like to check the prescriptions on the go or maintain the schedule of administering drugs. Patients would like to access the details of the diagnosis, prescriptions, or the entire medical history for a second opinion. All of these facilities can be made available in the mobile app.

Although everyone is aware of the activities that take place in hospitals, the mobile app development for hospitals can’t be left to the discretion of the mobile app developer. Every hospital has a specific way of doing things and may follow some special procedures or may need a unique feature or functionality. This is why it is essential to avail the services of a mobile app consultant, when it comes to building a mobile app for the hospital. Both the hospital management and the mobile app consultant should decide on the features and functions together.

Even though the mobile app consultant can create the roadmap or suggest you an app developer, the best option would be to select a mobile app developer who already has the experience of building mobile apps for hospital use. There are nuances that an inexperienced app developer may not know or understand. There are also government rules to follow, when it comes to developing a mobile app for hospital use. For instance, the data used by the mobile application in the hospitals are highly sensitive and so the app should comply with HIPAA rules, regulations, and standards.

Today, all of the modern hospitals use a system to organize activities and store & retrieve data. Using the existing system as a backend for the newly developed mobile application would save the institution quite an amount of money. In case the hospital has been using traditional methods of using paper forms, then it would require a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) to be developed. Expert mobile application developers can find the right middleware or even create one to integrate the new mobile app with the existing system. They also can create the entire MEAP to deploy the mobile app in the hospital environment.

As far as the ROI on the mobile app is concerned, it has always been a positive result. Mobile apps for hospitals have greatly improved the growth of hospitals. In fact, people are impressed by the use of latest technology and the quality of service provided by hospitals that have already deployed mobile apps. Hospitals that still follow the obsolete method of keeping records on paper forms are losing ground. Even those that have enterprise applications in use are looking to develop a mobile app front end for their applications. Upgrading to the latest means and methods is the way to instill confidence in your patients.

The mobile app for hospital use is just the tip of the iceberg in the health care mobile app arena. There are a variety of mobile applications ranging from marketing to informational apps. For instance, mobile apps can help a patient to check the availability of the doctor or a specialist and get an appointment on a date of his/her choice. There are mobile apps that enable pharmacies to connect with each other so that they could procure essential medicines during emergencies.

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