How to choose an iPhone application development company

There are ‘n’ number of iPhone app developing companies and developers out in the market. It is literally flooded....

How to choose an iPhone application development company

There are ‘n’ number of iPhone app developing companies and developers out in the market. It is literally flooded. Yet only the best ones with the best approach and practices stand out and succeed.

We understand what it means to businesses and the continued investments and your ROI expectations. It may seem tough to pick the best, but there’s help. We have put together a battery of questions you need to ask a company you are eyeing before getting them on board. Before going deep into the technical’s of it, it is wise to stick to the basics first and start from there as this pretty much gives a fair prospective.

iPhone App Development Company

Here you go

1. Ask for the number of years of experience in iPhone development – To ensure the provider has been in the market closer to 2008 (that’s when the app store went live). This means – more experience and expertise and got ant-feet to move swiftly and accommodate to the rapidly changing technologies.

2. Industries catered – Know the industries exposed; this may throw light on how their levels of industry-awareness and their unique demands.

3. How many iPhone developers, their average experience and certifications/qualifications? Hint: Look out for extensive experience in Objective –C language.

4. Ask for experience in working with all the previous iPhone editions – Helps determine that the provider is very much updated and experienced with all editions and will handle implementation issues is case you hold multiple iPhone versions. This way, it gets cost effective and less time consuming and complexities are instantly simplified.

5. Ask for previous work samples/services – Check if the apps developed are on the App Stores. If yes, have a look at them. Get a sneak peek on the innovation and creativity this way. Also, gives you an idea of how your app may come out.

6. Ask for cross-platform experience – It is a critical component as you may opt for cross-platform anytime (if not initially).

7. What other devices can they cater to? (Other than iPhone) – In case you decide to expand the number of devices going further, you could retain the same developer to save from complexity related to scalability.

8. Ask for a brief on the development process – Look for a specific, clear, concise and a realistic process (for optimal timelines and budget)

9. Have they built native and hybrid apps? – If yes, do ask for a brief.

10. Ideology towards Mobile UI – the most critical part that’s going to define the success of your app. Nothing drives mobile app usability than a User Interface.

11. History of Outsourcing – Helps you understand if this company can actually cater to your needs and growing needs (if any)

12. Ask for a recommendation that is specific to your industry or rather the business in particular – Guarantees that the team is abreast of the latest updates and has does enough research and believes in ‘customizing’ the solution.

13. If there would be a dedicated consultant for the project – To avoid multiple communication channels.

14. Ask for their Delivery Centers – For proximity. The closer the better.

Am sure by now, you would have got a fair idea if the company will fit your Mobile Strategy.

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