Benefits of using restaurant POS mobile apps

Mobile commerce has been growing at an incredible rate of 150 to 200% a year. Many smart business people have already...

Benefits of using restaurant POS mobile apps

Mobile commerce has been growing at an incredible rate of 150 to 200% a year. Many smart business people have already started using mobile applications to improve their businesses. Mobile apps are being used in a variety of areas in businesses. Some of the popular areas where mobile applications are used to the full include production, marketing, training, healthcare, travel, automotive industry, and retail industry among others. Restaurants have also started using mobile applications to provide better service to their customers. Apart from raising the quality of services, mobile apps can also increase the revenue from the business as well as provide vital information about the business.

Alternative to mobile app

Mobile apps aren’t the only way to go mobile. It is possible to optimize CMS websites to be viewed on mobile devices. Responsive themes enable mobile users to view the website, place orders or even make payment via their mobile devices. However, the difference between mobile sites and mobile apps is vast. Mobile websites require users to remember the URL in order to visit the website, on the other hand, mobile apps can be installed on the users’ devices and remain on the home screen, reminding them of the restaurant whenever they look into the device. One other advantage of mobile apps over the mobile sites is that they can store information in the device for offline use, whereas mobile sites would need an internet connection to be viewed.

Possibilities with restaurant POS mobile apps

Since the debut of smart mobile phones and tablets, there has been quite an amount of change in the way we do business. Apple’s iPhone and iPad and android phones and tablets from reputed brands have influenced the lifestyle of people in a great way. People, today, can easily skip a meal or two, but can never stay away from their smart mobile devices. Skipping a meal or two may be good for a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle, but it certainly is not a good thing for restaurants. Won’t it be a great idea to utilize their mobile devices to remind customers that it’s time for dinner? Isn’t it a great idea to present your menu card to the customer through his mobile device? How about allowing your customers to place orders right from the place where they are? How about receiving instant payments for orders placed? All of these are possible with restaurant POS mobile apps.

Mobile platform considerations

If you are enthusiastic about developing a POS mobile app for your restaurant, but don’t know how to go about, the following information can guide you. Diversity in the mobile world is one of the important things to be noted before developing a mobile app. Currently, iOS and android are the two platforms that have dominated the mobile world. The fact that other mobile platforms, such as Windows, BlackBerry, and Symbian among others have a significant number of users can’t be denied. However, choosing the mobile platform should be done after a thorough analysis of the target audience and their preferences. Although HTML5 apps are cross platform compatible, they largely depend on the internet connection. Native applications, on the other hand, can store essential data for offline use.

Off-the-shelf vs. custom mobile apps

One other important consideration in acquiring the restaurant POS mobile app is choosing between pre-made mobile apps and developing custom mobile apps. There are several mobile app development companies that have ready-made mobile applications for restaurants. Since the workflow and the processes involved in restaurants are similar, mobile app development companies develop generic mobile applications that can be easily customized for individual business without having to start the development from the scratch. Custom mobile apps, on the other hand, are designed and developed from the scratch, according to the needs of the customers. Often it is difficult to find a close match and if you can find one, then you can save a lot of money by customizing the app. In case you are unable to find one, then you have no other option but to build an app from the scratch.

Uses of restaurant POS app

• Analyze sales data and maintain the balance between sales and purchase
• Make wise decisions on seasonal sales and purchases
• Receive online orders and enable customers to pay on the go
• Use push notifications and in-app messages to keep your customers informed
• Engage them efficiently and remind them of your restaurant
• Offer discounts and loyalty rewards
• Get popularity by sharing in social media

Arriving at the features and functionalities

Often arriving at the required features and functionalities is a cumbersome process. Although, as a business owner, you are aware of what your business needs, you also have to consider the comfort of your target audience and the usability of the mobile app. Mobile app developers can also provide you with ideas on how to create the roadmap for your mobile app. In case you would like the app to be a perfect business tool that also houses components for future use, then approaching an expert mobile app consultant is the right way to go. Mobile app consultants can analyze your business, target audience, and your future needs and come out with an effective road-map for the app development.

Choosing the right app developer

While your mobile app consultant can guide you to a reliable mobile app developer, you too can do your research to compare pricing and quality. The success of mobile application lies in the hands of the developer. Since your mobile app also houses payment gateways, security of the app must be given the utmost importance. Choosing an app development company that has enough experience in developing mobile apps in android and iOS apps for restaurants is the way to go. Since mobile app development is expensive, it is worth hiring the services of a standard mobile app company that follows all of the business procedures. Unlike freelance developers that do not go beyond coding, reputed mobile app development companies have separate teams can take care of every stage, including app development, testing, distribution, deployment, and even promoting the app.

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