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Majority of world’s smartphones run on Android. Open-source nature has encouraged numerous phone manufacturers to use the Android operating system in their phones. Developing an app is a instant way to get in front of customers for lot of companies. Its more prevalent in emerging countries. Orange949’s Android app developers Florida are actively involved in the community and have contributed to open-source projects. We closely follow the release if each versions and make the best use of each version when creating apps for our clients.

Android Application Development Florida


Even with the huge growth of Android platform in the recent years, manufacturers have enjoyed flexibility in building their devices. This flexibility has resulted in device fragmentation with more than 200 phones available in the market to buy. Device fragmentation is a huge issue for app developers. Developers at Orange949 have developed effective testing mechanisms to make the app work in most of the popular Android phones.

Server side programming

We do server side programming for all the apps we develop. We develop the web services / API to connect the app with the server side program or with the existing applications.

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