2015 Web Design Trends That Work

As the internet has evolved, the design trends for websites have come a long way. Your website needs to be revamped...

2015 Web Design Trends That Work

As the internet has evolved, the design trends for websites have come a long way. Your website needs to be revamped regularly to attract potential customers and users. When you don’t stay up to date with current trends, you can easily notice the fall in traffic. To help you, we’ve put together a list of the “2015 web design trends that work.” Follow these trends, and watch your web traffic increase!

2015 Web Design Trends That Work

BIG Images Coupled With Minimal Text

The bigger the better is the new trend. Having a single high definition picture as a homepage seemed quite weird last year, but now they’re the rage – and attracting users. Large images help you to get the user’s attention on a particular thing that works for you. With the availability of high definition images and faster internet services, most websites are adopting this trend with ease. When big images are paired with minimal texts, it gives maximum impact to users. Include these design trends to your website and create a long-lasting impression on your users.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment with Bold Designs

Be bold in your approach and design. Choose colors and patterns that are drastic and vibrant. Think out of the box and create designs that work for your product. Initially, multimedia and animations were looked down upon as they took forever to load a webpage but with the revolution of high-speed internet, they are back on track with great performance. It is a proven fact that users love videos and interactive content.

Think Content

Content is still and always the king, even if users are awed by the flawless design, they will be put off with mediocre content. To produce great content, first analyze the purpose of the website and create crisp content that targets the end user. Good content not only helps you gain traffic, but also helps in customer retention.

Always Be Customer-Centric

Customer experience is the ultimate aim for a perfect website. Don’t use pop-ups ads or auto-play videos. Always prompt users to play a video which results in better responses. Streamline your content and make your links visible with clear menu and call for action. Don’t resort to hidden buttons to open Google ads, as it reduces user stickiness. When the output of your website is informative and customer-centric, the customer retention rate also increases effortlessly.

Ghost Buttons – The Next Big Thing

Clear call for actions must be highlighted – ghost buttons have been gaining popularity since 2014. These buttons blend with the environment and create great visuals with just a thin outline. Do not under-estimate the ghost button as they might not look spectacular, but the response it attracts is exhilarating.

An organization spends a ton of money and effort in getting users to their website and when the website is not up to date, it results in the loss of a potential lead. Consider your webpage to be the face of your organization and invest some research time to formulate the right graphics and content. These trends are followed by all top organization with proven results, hope it helps in upgrading your website which is targets the right audience.

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